Annotated Bibliography #3

24 May

Leonard, Marion. Gender in the Music Industry: Rock, Discourse and Girl Power. Hampshire: Ashgate, 2007.


In this book, Marion Leonard discusses in detail the Riot Grrrl movement and its aftermath. She writes extensively on the legacy of Riot Grrrl – from the zines, to the music, to the use of the phrase “Girl Power”. Leonard argues that this message was utilised by groups like the Spice Girls to capitalize on Riot Grrrl’s success and message in a less-controversial, more marketable way. Leonard also discusses the transition of Grrrl zines to online communities, leading to the spread of the movement around the world, and an enduring group of followers for many years after. This book is very useful as it provides more detail and critical analysis that previous introductiory sources. Leonard traces the movement of “third-wave feminism” through the 1990s, and discusses in great detail the role that Riot Grrrl had to play. She debates about whether or not Riot Grrrl can be considered a true subculture. The argument Leonard arrives at is that the Riot Grrrl movement challenged the traditional idea of a subculture, and aimed to be a new, more inclusive version of one.


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